On Vacation

Photo by Anika {Mextures, Diptic, Snapseed}

We are taking our first official break in more than four years!  Please do visit us again in the Spring of 2016!!  Thanks to all those who have contributed and supported this project over the last seven rounds!

Until next time,

If you are interested in participating with Me & You {writing or mobile or instant lab imagery} please contact me at anikatoro {at} gmail {dot} com.

Z is for


Lullabies from mothers are
laced with sweet
star drops and
lilac petals.
Listening to one is
like laying your sleepy head
into her song.

Words by Teagan
Left image by Christy {Snapseed, XnRetro}
Right image by Anika {Snapseed, Mextures, TouchReTouch, Blender}

Z is for

{A collaborative project.  Read more about it here!}
Snapseed used in both images

Z is for

Fin {Phonto, iColorama, Artrage and Snapseed} / Stephanie {Lenslight, Stackables and Mextures}

Z is for

A collaborative diptych by TwelveFiftyFin {Read more about it here!}
{Apps used: Phonto, Union, Diptic, Decim8, and Stackables}

Z is for


She zipped through her day until the moon rose. Then, with eyes closed, opened a window and let in a muse to buzz through her dreams 'til morning.

Words by Teagan
Left image by Mónica {Diana and Elasticam}
Right image by Claire {Hipstamatic}