F is for


Anika { Hipstamatic, Picture Show, Lo-Mob, Labelbox } / Urban Muser {GorillaCam, Snapseed, Diptic}

You & You {Friday Flickr Faves}

me & you 52

1. A is for Abode, 2. they're grrrreat!, 3. C is for Conversation, 4. 346.365 | d is for divide, 5. A is for... ABODE, 6. b is for breakfast, 7. Business Biker, 8. D is for Divide

OK, it's time to share what you've been up to these past few weeks! Thanks to all of you who have been playing along with us in the Me & You 52 flickr group. The photos above are some of your contributions for Abode, Breakfast, Conversation and Divide. Be sure to click through on the links below the photos so you can visit each other's flickr streams.

This week's theme is Edge, and we'll be back here on Monday to share our interpretations for F (it's for Flip!). We hope you'll keep on snapping with your mobile phones and sharing your photos in the flickr pool...and don't forget to tag them with the weekly word :) We'll share more of your flickr images here on the blog again in January for the letters E, F, G and H so show us your best shots!

Happy Holidays from us to you!
~Anika and Christy {Urban Muser}

E is for


Anika {Picture Show,Vintage Scene, Lo-Mob} / Urban Muser {Photo Toaster, Snapseed}

D is for


Urban Muser {PS Express, Vintage Scene} / Anika {Hipstamatic, Picture Show, Dynamic Light, Vintage Scene, PS Express, and Blender}

C is for

Urban Muser {Snapseed} / Anika {Hipstamatic}