H is for

{For this post only we are just using the 1 app, Hipstamatic.  
The info below is the lens and film we used with the Hipstamatic app.}

Anika {Loftus lens with Ina's 1969 film} /  Urban Muser {Chunky lens with AO BW film}


Anika said...

Aaaaa! I want to see the glasses ON the kitty! Too cute!

You know, it's crazy but the image I was going to use was of my cat too! I should always go with my first thought. But I like these together!

Anna said...

I've been enjoying this series! It's always fun to see what you two come up with!

Lisa Gordon said...

You both have a great thing going here, and I so enjoy it!
Love both of these images.

BF said...

Those are great, I love hipstamatic, but find myself using it less and less often.

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