D is for

Urban Muser {6x6, Lens+, Snapseed, Superimpose} / Anika {Hipstamatic, Snapseed, Blender}

C is for

Urban Muser {6x6, Snapseed} / Anika {Snapseed, Art Studio}

B is for

Anika {Pixlromatic, Snapseed, PS Express} / Urban Muser {6x6, Snapseed}

A is for

Anika {Slow Shutter, PS Express, Squaready} / Urban Muser {Slow Shutter, Snapseed}

Year Two, Round Three

Just a little post to wish everyone a very happy new year!  Urban Muser and I have decided to embark on another mobile journey - two more rounds of mobile photography based on each letter of the alphabet.  If you would like to play along we do have a flickr group as well as a tag on Instagram {#meandyou52}.  We are quite informal around here so whatever comes to mind based on each word-prompt goes.  Our only rule is that your shot be taken and edited using only your phone.  We would love to see what you come up with!  Thanks for visiting this space and we hope to see you again starting January 7th, 2013!!

-Anika & Urban Muser

You can visit our Themes page to see all the word inspirations for round three.