Me & You & Susan too!

A very heartfelt welcome to Susan Blase or "Suzy" as we call her around here.  To be honest I have only recently been introduced to Susan but am looking forward to including her unique eye in our project!  Her images seem bright, dreamy, and full of wonder.  Be sure to check out more from Suzy on her Flickr page or read more about her on our About Us page.  I am excited to see what her imagination brings to the group.  Welcome Suzy!

H is for

Suzy {PicFx, LensFx, Pixlromatic, and PhotoPhrase}

Be sure to come back on Sunday when we'll be posting all four of our interpretations together.  It's interesting how images can have different implications based on the image it's set with.  I have often thought about how Christy's and my images become something stronger when put together- so often a story is created within the diptych.  I thought this very thing when I assembled all four together for Sunday's weekly recap.  Also, look forward to meeting two more of our collaborators next week!

Feel free to play along in our Instagram group by tagging your IG shots with #meandyou52.


urban muser said...

Suzy, love your interpretation. Welcome aboard!

Anika said...

Agreed! Great shot!

Unknown said...

I want these shoes! Lovely shot, Suzy!

Unknown said...

I want these shoes! Lovely shot, Suzy!

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