G is for


I was game, and you danced me down that long wooden floor
and spun me dizzy in my red dress, the one with the skirt
that bloomed like a poppy.

I was game, and you were just a little wild jumping
from boxcar to boxcar, jack-rabbiting circles around my heart
with your quicksilver smile.

I was game, and you were just playing.

A Collaborative diptych created by Claire and Anika to partner up with Megan's words.  Usually we come from a place of not knowing but these extra words from Megan were just asking to have something special made!
Left image: Claire {Oggl,Blender, Lo-Mob, Afterlight}
Right image: Anika {Mextures, iColorama, PicTapGo, Blender}
Words by Megan

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