How to play along and FAQ

How can I play along?
The more the merrier!  We love seeing how other people interpret the same inspirations.  Each week we shoot and edit for a pre-determined word which can be found on our list here.  You may submit anytime during the week for that particular word/inspiration.  You can submit your image by using the tag #meandyou52 in Instagram.  You can also find out what word is used each week by following @meandyou52 in Instagram.

Are there any restrictions for images?
We really only have one rule- this is a mobile only project.  Images must be shot and edited only using a mobile device.  Shoot with your phone, edit with your phone.  Images can also be printed using the Instant Lab or the Instax Share {both devices made to be used with phones}.

Do I submit an assembled diptych or a single image?
I usually connect single images.  One of the beautiful things about this project is seeing how two different people create an image independently, based off the same exact inspiration, and yet can connect so perfectly.  That said, I am open to posting an entire pre-made diptych.  Either way, you can use the #meandyou52 tag to show us what you have made.  

I don't see some of the images used in the diptychs in the tag.  Why is that?
Most of the diptychs posted are via our weekly contributors, our members.  {You can read about the members of M&Y here.}  Our members don't always post images that are used for the project in their Instagram feeds so they wouldn't be tagged.  

How can one of my images be used in a diptych?
During the week, images submitted with the Instagram #meandyou52 tag will be reviewed.  Sometimes I will make a connection, a diptych, using two or more of the images submitted.  Chosen images made into diptychs will be posted on Instagram.  However, no image will be posted to this website without first getting the artist's permission.  Images used will always be given proper credit.  You can see some some examples of our Guest Posts here.

Do I retain the rights to my image if it is used on Instagram?
Your image, your property.  Period.  We are all artists and understand the importance of retaining credit for what you create.  

Will my image be posted on this website as well as on Instagram if chosen?
Sometimes life, time, and the will of the internet work against my posting on IG and this website.  I need to first contact you for permission and to ask what apps were used in the making of your image for posting here.  So while I would like to post all the guest diptychs on this site, sometimes it doesn't happen.  

Can I submit words to be used on the site as well?
Yes!  Submit words for review by emailing them to me.  You can also share a piece of writing via Direct Messaging using @meandyou52 or @anikatoro's Instagram account.

If I am not on Instagram how can I submit an image?
Feel free to send images for review or text via email.  You can do so by emailing anikatoro{at}gmail{dot}com.

Mobile only?  Does that mean I can only edit using my phone?
Although in the 5 years of doing this project no one has used anything other than a phone to edit, mobile devices do technically include a tablet or iPad as well.  Those would be acceptable to use for submissions.

Can I submit an image printed using the Instant Lab?  If so, should my image be cropped?
Please do!  Cropped is preferable however if your image is not cropped I will do so when including the image in a diptych.  

Can I add a link to your site?
Please do!  Spread the word!  We would love to know if you do but in no way is that required.

Can I add one of your images or a diptych to my website?
Because there are so many different people involved in the project permission must be given before you use any of the images on the site.  We all love to share but please ask first.  You can email anikatoro{at}gmail{dot}com or contact Me&You via direct message in Instagram for more information.  

Still have a question? 
Contact me via email {anikatoro{at}gmail{dot}com} and I will be happy to try and help out.  Thanks for visiting Me&You!