About Me & You {52}

Me & You {52} was started by Anika and Christy in November of 2011.

We "met" through blogging and formed a quick friendship over our mutual love of mobile photography. Since then, we have each created and edited {using only our phones} a new image each week.  Following the letters of the alphabet we pick a word/prompt to inspire each weekly image and then combine our photos into a diptych.  Not only is this project an excellent tool to stay productive and inspired, it's a wonderful way to muse and share how we all view the world in our own personal ways.

{2013}  More Voices
Me & You  evolved to incorporate the voices of other artists equally inspired by their love of mobile imagery.   All from different locales, each with a unique vision, we hoped that Me & You {52} would be an inspiring place to be, an inspiring place to visit.  What a magical thing it is to see how we all envision the exact same inspiration.  It's even more exciting when the images are joined into a diptych!

{2014}  Deuxpieces
Although DeuxPieces's shots will still be mobile only, they will be creating their diptych ahead of time.  All of the regular weekly contributors of Me & You combine images only after all weekly submissions are received {None of the artists know what anyone else has shot ahead of time.}  Me & You uses the spontaneity of each week to create diptychs that flow the best together, make the most sense as a narrative, etc. We started creating our diptychs in this fashion {rather than planned ahead} to see how each of us, with our own unique lives and experiences, would imagine the same exact inspiration. Even Anika, who creates the weekly diptychs from the artist's images, works a week ahead of schedule in order to not be swayed by another's image!  We are excited to see Deuxpieces work added to the mix - it's sure to add something very special.

{2014}  The Instant Lab
Also new to Me & You is the addition of the Instant Lab!  The Impossible Project's Instant Lab is an exciting development for the mobile movement.  Simply put, the Instant Lab allows an individual to make a Polaroid image from any mobile image.  Contributing a few times each month using only their phone and the Instant Lab are a group of mobile lovers who also have a fondness for everything film still has to offer!  Integrating this special way of  producing mobile imagery can only further grow our love for mobile art! These images will be integrated into each week's diptychs.  If you would like to see more please click on the "Instant Lab" tag in the left sidebar.

{2015}  The Instax Share
Continuing to explore all things mobile round seven will include the Instax Share machine!  Much like the Instant Lab, the Intax Share allows for a mobile image to be printed onto instant film.  {In the case of the Instax Share, images can be printed onto the Instax mini film.}  Because of the difference in image size the Instax Share submissions will be in triptych form rather than our usual diptychs.

{2015}  Writers
Throughout round six the narrative aspect of M&Y stood out.  For me, it seemed like every week there were at least one or two groupings that had been destined to tell their story together.  It got me thinking... What would the addition of text do to the project?  Would the addition of words enhance a diptych?  Would it change a narrative?  Would our weekly pairings provoke more questions than if it were without words? Also, the idea that two things created on opposite sides of the world can come together so perfectly... Curiosity has me wondering if adding another art form will create the same magical connections.  I am excited to see what the results will be!

{2015} TwelveFiftyFin
One of the added benefits from a project like this are the connections made between participants. Much like with DeuxPieces, TwelveFiftyFin {TFF} will be a monthly pairing connected intentionally between members Keith and Fin.  {Again, our usual weekly diptychs are made without any knowledge of what others create.} It's interesting to compare what happens when things are planned versus the results of connections made from a place of not knowing.

We all share a passion for photography and an extra bit of love for mobile photography.  Please visit our About Us page to learn more about each of us and our Weekly Themes page or Instagram feed to play along {tag your IG images #meandyou52}.  We would love to see how you interpret the weekly themes!  Occasionally those submitted images will be assembled into their very own diptych and posted on our Instagram page or here {with granted permission first of course}.

Happy shooting!

Care to read more??  We have had the pleasure of discussing this project with the following... Check it out!

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