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{Rounds 1-7}

Anika lives in Knoxville, TN. When not shooting with her iPhone 5S she can be found spending time with her family and creating photo-based art for sale.  She enjoys mixing mediums as well as old and new subject matters and techniques, playing with alternate ways to display imagery, and collaborating.  

Go-to apps:  Hipstamatic, Blender, Snapseed, Mextures, iColorama
Etsy Shop:  AnikaToro
Flickr: @anikatoro 
Instagram: @anikatoro
MobileMasters 2: link here
Facebook Page:  @anikatorophotography

Rounds 1-4, 6-7
Christy, also known as Urban Muser, lives in New York City where she can be found wandering the streets with her dog Willow's leash in one hand, her iPhone 5S in the other. She is mesmerized by bridges, an avid sports fan, a lover of all things vintage, and a pizza aficionado. 

Go-to apps: Snapseed, 6x6, Hipstamatic, Superimpose
Tumblr: Urban Muser
Instagram: @urbanmuser
Eyeem: urban muser
Flickr: urbanmuser
Twitter:  @urbanmuser
MobileMasters 1: link here

{Rounds 6-7}
Claire began fiddling with her iPhone camera in 2013.  It was a fascination with endless editing possibilities on which she became hooked.  You will find her on Dartmoor or along the Devon Coastal path, if not, try the best local where she's likely to be consoling herself over a flat battery. Originally from London, lover of white tea, citrus, and of images with emotional content{Profile image, a collaboration with @newta123]

Go to apps - LoMob, Blender, Oggl, Mextures
Instagram @yeoldehouse
Flickr  @yeoldehouse1
Oggl @yeoldehouse

{Rounds 6-7}
I live in Berne, Switzerland. I’m wife and mother to a 21 year old boy and a 19 year old daughter. My eyes are wide open and with my iphone 5s I love to capture everyday beauty and moments that make me stop. The iphone is the camera that is always with me.

Go-to-apps: Snapseed, VSCO
Instagram: @corinnaho
Flickr: @Corinna Hofer
Eyem: @corinnaho 

{Rounds 6-7}
Crystal is a doctoral student living in Northern Kentucky who has not been able to stop making pictures since the purchase of her first smartphone four years ago. She sees her nursing practice and her photography practice as complementary, each requiring equal parts science and art as a way to most deeply engage with presence and attention.

Go-to apps:  iPhone5 native camera, Hipstamatic, TinType, AvgCamPro, VSCOCam and Mextures
Instagram: @faithmichael
Flickr: @faithmichael
Tumbler: @crystalfaithmichael
Twitter: @faith_michael

{Rounds 6-7}

Elke is living in Northern Germany with her husband, their three boys, and two cats. She is a book-loving, list-making, yoga-teaching seeker of life`s simple beauty. She shoots with an Iphone5 and edits mostly in Snapseed and VSCO Cam.

Go-to apps: Snapseed, VSCO Cam
Flickr: @elke1403
Instagram: @elke1403

{Rounds 7}

Fin is a speech pathologist from a small city in Australia. In the last two years Fin has become fascinated by editing... ever since getting an iPhone and selecting the Decim8 app. Fin loves being out in nature and surfing. 

Go-to apps:  Snapseed, Decim8, Tangent, Fragment, iColorama

{Rounds 6-7}
Keith, aka 1255, is a professional photographer based in East Hampton, New York. He works with digital and film cameras, instant cameras, pinholes, purpose-built photo scanners, really anything and everything, including, obviously, his phone. For Me & You (52), Keith will be shooting and editing exclusively with his phone and printing the results on both expired and new instant film using the Impossible Project Instant Lab
Go-to apps: Ever-changing, but currently Camera+, Snapseed, and VSCO rank highly
Instagram: @1255
VSCO: 1255

{Rounds 6-7}
Melissa is a hobbyist photographer from New Jersey.  While mostly shooting roll and instant film for personal work, Melissa always has her iPhone 5S in hand ready to take photos. Melissa shoots a variety of subjects but always looks for beautiful lighting, patterns, structures, or just waits to capture a moment in time unfolding before her. 

Go to apps: Snapseed, VSCOCam 
Flickr: @melissajmercado
Instagram: @mjmercado47
Twitter: @mjmercado 

{Round 5-7}

I am a painter by profession, and I have my studio at home. So I don't go out much.  I am from Guatemala, Central America. My kids are two young adults. One just starting college and the other is a senior in High school.  I have a dachshund named Vespa and she follows me everywhere!  I am a bit of an app junkie!

Go to apps: Decim8 iColorama, Pixlromatic, Scratchcam and of course Hipstamatic!!
Instagram: @mocamasezapaz

{Rounds 3-7}
Stephanie is a professional portrait photographer striving to keep a balance between the world of the ‘big’ camera and the world of mobile art.  A reluctant Floridian generously ensconced in the chaos of motherhood, Stephanie finds her brief release through the tiny lens of her iPhone.  Dreamer by nature, realist by experience, she makes images as a visual voice to express her reverence for white space, subtlety, solitude, gentleness, and beauty.  

Go-to apps: Hipstamatic, Snapseed, TouchReTouch, Mextures, Stackables
Flickr: StephanieRoberts
Instagram:  @closesandopens



{Rounds 3-7}
"Well, I'm not a writer, nor am I a photographer...  But it's all I passionately care about. Looking for intrinsic beauty everywhere, I still am, and always will be, an amateur, in all aspects; an amateur by conviction...  Romantic by nature, European in the heart, cosmopolitan in mind. An old soul in a too modern world, if you ask me...  I'm living in The Netherlands, in the city of Nijmegen, with my nine year old daughter Zaza."
Favorite authors: Lev Tolstoi, Milan Kundera, Michel Houellebecq, Richard Yates, Gerard Reve, W.F. Hermans
Instagram: @jackvanheugten
Facebook: jackvanheugten
Twitter: jackvanheugten
Tumbler: jackvanheugten

{Round 7}
Megan is a food writer and editor living in Portland, Oregon with her husband and cat.  When she's not writing about how to make a proper lemon curd or feeding her sourdough starter, she reads voraciously and writes poetry and letters for pleasure.  She finds inspiration in the natural world and while chopping vegetables.

Favorite authors: Mary Oliver (“Wild Geese”), Virginia Woolf (To the Lighthouse), William Faulkner (Absalom, Absalom!), and Cormac McCarthy (Blood Meridian)
Instagram: @thejoyofcooking
Website: joyofcooking.com

{Round 7}

A long story to be told shortly...

{Round 7}
Teagan is a Midwestern lover of poetry, which she firmly believes is found in many forms; in written words and summer skies, in voices and bodies and colors. She spends her days on the prairie with her husband and their lovable little pup, Rudy. Her time is filled with a mix of fictional and/or thought-filled reading, travel, vegan food, yoga, photos, nostalgia, and a genuine interest in making people smile.
Favorite writers: Walt Whitman, Earnest Hemingway, Lorrie Moore, The Little Comets 

Previous Participants


{Round 5.  Weekly contributor.}
I'm a thirty-something father of 4 working in finance. My job doesn't give me the opportunity to inject a whole lot of creativity and artistic expression, so I turned to mobile photography as a creative outlet. I'm drawn to symmetry, lines, angles and light/shadow play, and inspired by so much more. I shoot with an iPhone 5 (native camera 99% of the time).
Go-to apps: Snapseed, Pixlr Express, Superimpose and VSCO

Instagram: @andrewjhays

{Part of Round 6 as an Instant Lab participant}
Born in Antwerp in 1973, Chris de Block works at the financial department of a Belgian fashion designer. She finds her inspiration in simplicity, nature, mother-and childhood, but mainly in everyday life.  Creating a world of reality, or fantasy. Recently she discovered the instant lab, which she now uses most, making it able to have more control over a Polaroid picture or create double exposures, mixing film photography with other media.
Instagram: @sleepy_jeane

{Round 5. Weekly contributor.}

Jeff does actually work for the post office and didn't just randomly put the word postal in front of his name.  If ever in Northampton, Massachusetts, you may run into him on Main Street, slyly taking photos while while pretending to deliver mail.
Go-to apps: Snapseed, Mextures, VSCO

Instagram: @postaljeff

{Rounds 3 and 4.}
I am Kristine from Oslo, Norway. Besides being a mother, wife, teacher and a student - I have this passion for mobile photography. Instagram and EyeEm is where I post my daily sketches - trying to capture some of the things I find beauty in. The quote on my IG feed, "Seeing is forgetting the way one sees" (R. Irwing), probably sums up my how I work - finding pleasure in abstracting the essence of things...
Go-to apps: Snapseed, VscoCam, Blender, WoodCamera, Decim8.
Instagram: @kristinenor

{Rounds 3-6}
Lindsey Thompson is a 36 year old British iPhone photographer living in Birmingham, England.  A Mother of two young children, enjoying the creative outlet and inspiration from capturing moments in time through the lens of an iPhone. Snap happy and macro obsessed. Day dreamer. Music lover. 
Go-to apps: Camera+, Hipstamatic, Lomora 2, Pixlromatic, Snapseed
Flickr: lindsey76
Instagram: @lindsey76
{Round 5}
I'm Michel. I live in Portland, OR.  I'm mama to T., my 15 year old boy. He's the best. I'm crazy about him. I work as a producer. Videos. Animation. Commercials. I love it. I work with interesting people. I get to travel and wander. I wander a lot in the different cities and towns I work in. And In the forest and coast. By my home.  I take pictures everyday. Of everyday things. That make me stop. And breath. Taking pictures for me. Is breathing. 
Go to apps: VSCO and Afterlight
Instagram: @michelm_jackson

{Part of Round 6 as an Instant Lab participant.}
Shelly is from Colorado and is a dedicated film photographer, shooting on everything from pinholes to Polaroids. She came to film photography by way of the iPhone. A Lomo-style app led to the purchase of a Holga... And the rest is history. She received an Impossible Project Instant Lab recently and much to her surprise, utterly fell in love with it. Her photography primarily features urban details and decay, dolls, and the backroads of the American Southwest.
Go-to apps: Snapseed and FilterMania
Website:  Shelly Sometimes

Suzy  {Black Eyed Suzy}
{Rounds 3-5}
Suzy resides in Bear Gap, Pa. In heels or on wheels, she is in constant search of the perfect dreamy sky or wildflower to photograph. Armed with a trusty Iphone4 and mix of songs to inspire her, many shots end up on Flickr where she is better known as Black Eyed Suzy. She has a fondness for dandelions, cats, riding her bicycle and anything glittery or glam. 
Go-to apps: Hipstamatic, Lumie, Pixlr-o-matic, PhotoToaster, Mextures
Flickr: Black Eyed Suzy
Instagram: @blackeyedsuzy


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